How to Accept Entries Through Equestrian Entries

Getting your show, event or horse trial up on Equestrian Entries

  1. Join Equestrian Entries and create a "Manager" or "Combination" account.
  2. Load your show/event either through the system or via an upload from Fox Village (see directions for loading shows)

Getting Your Entries

  1. Paid entries will be emailed to you immediately upon payment.
  2. All entries are also available for you to view in your Equestrian Entries account.
  3. Entries can be printed either from the email or through your Equestrian Entries account.
  4. You can also import Entries into Fox Village or StartBox at the click of a button - no more data entry!

Getting Your Entry Fees

Show receives 100% of all entry frees.

Payment for all entries is sent automatically upon the closing date of the show via mailed check. As well, payment can be requested at any time with just the click of a button.

Refunds are easy as well - just click the "Request Refund" button in your account.

Questions? Drop us a line at . We'd love to hear from you!

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