and all their membership checking, which EqEntries relies on, is down. It has been down for multiple days. Because of this, your USDF memberships may show up incorrectly as inactive. Any incorrect non member fees WILL BE REFUNDED BY SHOW MANAGEMENT.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope that USDF can get this fixed very soon!


Here are some handy links and documents.
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Both of the new required 2020 USEF documents (2020 Entry Agreement and 2020 USEF Waiver/Release) can be found on the USEF website.
For Individual State/USEF Waiver/Release Forms, that replace the USEF only Waiver/Release, please go to the USEF Forms Search and search for your state.

Fox Village Integration Instructions for Show Managers
2019 CDS Symposium Documents